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Kodiak Archipelago Bear Conservation and Management Plan
Citizens Advisory Committee

The members of the Citizens Advisory Committee encourage the public to contact them directly with questions, concerns and comments about the process of developing a bear management plan for the Kodiak archipelago.

Name Residency Representing Contact
Richard Carstens Kodiak Resident Sportsmen (907) 486-4282
Dave Cline Anchorage Kodiak Brown Bear Trust (907) 345-2939
Charles Dorman Kodiak Agriculturalists/Ranchers (907) 486-9451
Wallace Fields* Kodiak Commercial Fishing (907) 486-8370
Pam Foreman Kodiak Tourism (907) 486-4782
Dave Kubiak* Kodiak Commercial Fishing (907) 486-5536
Tom Panamaroff Kodiak Native Large-Land Owners (907) 486-2530
Hank Pennington* Kodiak Commercial Wildlife Photographers (907) 486-2893
Jeff Peterson Old Harbor Native Villages (907) 286-2252
Bettye Plyler Kodiak Citizens-at-Large (907) 486-2389
Dick Rohrer Kodiak Guides (907) 486-5835
Rolan Ruoss Kodiak Air Taxi Operators (907) 486-1964
Barbara Rudio Kodiak Environmentalists (907) 486-8369
Tom Walker* Denali Park Commercial Wildlife Photographers (907) 683-1313
* co-CAC members

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