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2012 Projects

ADF&G deeply regrets that it will not solicit project proposals this year.

The Federal State Wildlife Grant funding that supports the ADF&G Partner Program, as well as our agency’s internal species conservation efforts, was reduced by almost 40% in 2011. Nearly level funding was maintained for 2012. We are anticipating level funding again in the federal 2013 budget.

Collaborative work with our partners has formed the cornerstone of our conservation efforts since the inception of the State Wildlife Grant Program over 10 years ago. This new funding source generated a multitude of research, monitoring and management projects that greatly advanced conservation efforts in Alaska. With our combined resources and expertise, we filled information gaps and addressed conservation needs and issues identified in Alaska’s Wildlife Action Plan (also called Alaska’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy). We are deeply grateful to our past partners for all that has been accomplished. As changes in federal funding continue to evolve, we will look for future opportunities to reinstate the competitive Partner Program.

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