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Upper Cook Inlet Board of Fisheries Task Force


The Mission of this task force is to identify a set of recommended adjustments to the Kenai Late-Run Salmon Management Plan (5AAC 21.359) that would result in the best mix of in-river (sport, guided sport, personal use) and Upper Subdistrict set gill net fishing opportunity while providing the best means of attaining the escapement goal for Kenai River late-run Chinook Salmon during times of low King Salmon abundance as experienced in the 2012 season.

The original task force mission states it will be co-chaired by Members Webster and Kluberton and consist of another eight members as selected by the co-chairs but then later amended to be 9 members. Three members will be Upper Subdistrict Set Gillnet fishers; one Drift gillnet fisher; two sports fishers; one a sports guide; one a personal use (dip net) fisher; and one marine recreation member.

Task Force Mission and Organization Statement (PDF 33 kB)

Selected Task Force Members (PDF 10 kB)