License Vendor Information

Check out our Annual Newsletter (PDF 4,000 kB) and our License Vendor Manual (PDF 342 kB).

Electronic Vendor System (eVendor)

The eVendor system is very similar to our online store. Once logged on, a clerk will walk through product offerings based on the customer's residency type. After the products have been selected, the clerk will record customer information, accept payment, and print out licenses and stamps (king/duck stamp # prints on license) for the customer. It's as easy as that!

In addition, eVendor will keep track of your sales and automatically invoice monthly. No more counting licenses and filling out sales reports at the end of every month! Our electronic payment option (ACH) will make remittance even easier. Once you set up an account with ACH, your invoiced amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

Please contact Licensing if you have questions.

Sport Fishing and Hunting Regulation Books and Questions

If you have questions about the sport fishing regulations, hunting regulations, or trapping regulations, please call your nearest Fish and Game office listed below.

Harvest Tickets

Harvest tickets are required for resident and nonresident hunters who are hunting sheep, moose, caribou or deer. They are issued to licensees at no charge, and are distributed by Wildlife Conservation to vendors in early June. If you have any questions about harvest tickets, drawing permits, or Tier II permits please call the Wildlife Conservation office nearest you as listed below.

Department of Fish and Game Regional Offices Sport Fish
Harvest Record Cards/
Regulation Books
Wildlife Conservation
Hunting Regulations/
Harvest Tickets/
Permit Hunt Supplements
Southeast (Douglas)Phone: 465-4270
Fax: 465-2034
Phone: 465-4265
Fax: 465-4272
Southcentral (Anchorage)Phone: 267-2218
Fax: 267-2424
Phone: 267-2257
Fax: 267-2532
Central/Southwest (Palmer)Phone: 746-6300
Fax: 746-6305
Phone: 746-6300
Fax: 746-6305
Interior (Fairbanks)Phone: 459-7207
Fax: 459-7207
Phone: 459-7206
Arctic/Western (Nome)Phone: 443-5796 (summer)
Fax: 443-6549
Phone: 443-2271
Fax: 443-6549

How Can I Become a License Vendor?

Before you apply to be a license vendor, please consider directing your customers to our online store. This is a wonderful alternative and eliminates the administrative burden of managing license sales.

To apply you can download our License Vendor Application (PDF 982 kB). When the application is completed and returned, the applicant, upon qualifying, will be set up as a License Vendor. Fish and Game will provide you with any necessary supplies as well as a License Vendor manual, which should be read thoroughly prior to issuing licenses.