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License Vendor Information

Check out our Annual Newsletter (PDF 980 kB) and our License Vendor Manual (PDF 18,628 kB) .

License Vendor Account Number

Each License Vendor is assigned a 4-digit Identification Number. You should have this number ready when calling our office for any reason.

This Identification Number is our "Computer Key" for all activity on your vendor account including licenses and tags issued to you and sold by you, as well as collection reports, supply requests and general correspondence.

You must include your Vendor Number on all documents sent to our office including:

  • Licenses
  • Big Game Tag Reports
  • Collection Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Supply Requests

Questions About Fish and Game Licensing

Please contact Licensing if you have questions about:

  • Licensing Procedures
  • Big Game Tag Sales
  • Supply Requests

Please ask for Licensing Accounting if you have questions about:

  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Accounting Audits
  • Collection Reports
  • Refunds, Reissues, Exchanges
  • Additional Compensation
  • Stolen/Lost Licenses

If you are not able to contact someone in our licensing office to ask what to do about a licensing situation, please keep careful track of what you did. Then call our office as soon as it opens and explain what happened. We will try to work out the problem from there.

Refer to page 7 of your License Vendor Manual for the contact number.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you have issued an incorrect license or double punched a license, you cannot issue a refund! Please refer to your License Vendor Manual. See the Refunds, Reissues and Exchanges section, page 79, or the Voided License section, page 31.

Ordering Supplies

Please keep an inventory of all licensing supplies on hand. You should always have two to four weeks of supplies on hand. However, please do not keep on hand more than you can use during your selling season. If your supply runs low, submit a Request of Additional Supplies form (11-522), page 11, to the Juneau licensing office. You can also fax your order to (907) 465-2440. Indicate the quantity of each item you are requesting.

Do not wait until you are completely out of something to order more!

If an emergency shortage does occur, please call our office at (907) 465-2376 or you can fax your order to (907) 465-2440. We can Express Mail supplies to you. However, you will be responsible for the express expense.

Providing your account is current and your reports are up-to-date, your request for supplies will be filled and shipped within one (1) business day.

It is especially important to check your license supplies at least two weeks in advance of holidays, scheduled fisheries/wildlife openings, and derbies to insure you have an adequate supply of stock!

Sport Fishing and Hunting Regulation Books and Questions

If you have questions about the sport fishing regulations, hunting regulations, or trapping regulations, please call your nearest Fish and Game office listed below.

Harvest Tickets

Please remember that if you are going to be selling hunting licenses and/or big game tags, to please call the Wildlife Conservation office nearest you as listed below. Harvest tickets are required for resident and nonresident hunters who are hunting sheep, moose, caribou or deer. They are issued to licensees at no charge, and are distributed by Wildlife Conservation to vendors in early June. Hunting regulation books for a "regulatory" year (July 1 through June 30) are distributed to vendors in early July. If you have any questions about harvest tickets, Drawing or Tier II permits, or Game Regulation books, please call the Wildlife Conservation office nearest you as listed below.

Sport fishing regulation booklets are distributed to vendors by the Division of Sport Fish local management staff. The booklets are usually available for distribution sometime in mid-April. King Salmon Harvest Cards are also available from the Sport Fish offices. If you have any questions about sport fishing regulations, please call the Sport Fish office nearest you as listed below.

Department of Fish and Game Regional Offices Sport Fish
Harvest Record Cards/
Regulation Books
Wildlife Conservation
Hunting Regulations/
Harvest Tickets/
Permit Hunt Supplements
Southeast (Douglas)Phone: 465-4270
Fax: 465-2034
Phone: 465-4265
Fax: 465-4272
Southcentral (Anchorage)Phone: 267-2218
Fax: 267-2424
Phone: 267-2257
Fax: 267-2532
Central/Southwest (Palmer)Phone: 746-6300
Fax: 746-6305
Phone: 746-6300
Fax: 746-6305
Interior (Fairbanks)Phone: 459-7207
Fax: 459-7207
Phone: 459-7206
Arctic/Western (Nome)Phone: 443-5796 (summer)
Fax: 443-6549
Phone: 443-2271
Fax: 443-6549

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