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License Vendor FAQs

How Can I Become a License Vendor?

You can download our License Vendor Application (PDF 195 kB) or we can mail or fax applications to you. If needed, contact ADF&G Licensing to request a vendor application form or e-mail You can also write to:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Division of Administrative Services
Licensing Section
P.O. Box 115525
Juneau, AK 99811-5525
Phone Number: (907) 465-2376
Fax Number: (907) 465-2440

When these forms are completed and returned, the applicant, upon qualifying, will be set up as a License Vendor and supplies will be sent. Included with the supplies will be a Fish and Game License Vendor manual, which the new vendor should read thoroughly prior to issuing licenses.

If you are interested in the regulations dealing with fish and game licenses, permits and tags, and license vendors, please read our license regulations (PDF 48 kB).

If I'm Employed with the State of Alaska Can I Be a License Vendor?

Yes, but you cannont accept commission.

If I'm Not a License Vendor Can I Get Harvest Tickets?

Yes. You will need to contact the Fish and Game regional office nearest you.

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