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License File and Vendor List

Sport and commercial crewmember licenses and big game tag records are considered public records and are open to inspection and copying (Alaska Statute 40.25.110). The license file contains approximately 500,000 sport fishing, hunting and trapping licenses, as well as over 25,000 commercial crewmember licenses. Information in the file includes name, address, type of license, vendor number, and date of purchase. The tag file contains approximately 20,000 records. The tag file includes the name, address, type of tag, vendor number, and date of purchase. The files are available on CD in Microsoft Excel & TXT format. They do not include customer’s email, phone number, date of birth or driver’s license number.

We also sell our license vendor list (approximately 1,000 vendors), which is available for purchase on CD.

The license database can be downloaded to an Excel file if using Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer versions for Windows or Microsoft Excel 2008 or newer versions for Mac. If using earlier versions of Excel, only a small portion of the license file can be imported since the maximum capacity is 65,000 rows of data. The license file can be also be viewed and manipulated with most modern database packages such as MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, R:Base, etc.

The license file costs $350, tag file costs $120.00 and the vendor file costs $25. You can download the order form to purchase the files or contact ADF&G Licensing for further information.