Wildlife Professional Publications

Articles Published in Science and Management Journals

This list provides citations for journal and other externally-published articles and theses written by ADF&G Division of Wildlife Conservation staff and others working on ADF&G wildlife research, except Marine Mammals program publications.


  • Barbaree, B. A., S. K. Nelson, B. D. Dugger, D. D. Roby, H. R. Carter, D. L. Whitworth, and S. H. Newman. 2014. Nesting ecology of Marbled Murrelets at a remote mainland fjord in southeast Alaska. The Condor 116(2):173-174. doi:
  • Harris, G., R. M. Nielson, T. Rinaldi, and T. Lohuis. 2014. Effects of winter recreation on northern ungulates with focus on moose (Alces alces) and snowmobiles. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 60(1): 45-58.
  • Kirchhoff, M. D., J. R. Lindell, and J. I. Hodges. 2014. From Critically Endangered to Least Concern? A revised population trend for the Kittlitz's Murrelet in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Condor 116(1):24–34.
  • McGrew, A. K., L. R. Ballweber, S. K. Moses, C. A. Stricker, K. B. Beckmen, M. D. Salman, and T. M. O’Hara. 2014. Mercury in gray wolves (Canis lupus) in Alaska: Increased exposure through consumption of marine prey. Science of the Total Environment 468-469 (609-613).
  • Rosenberg, D. H., M. J. Petrula, J. L Schamber, D Zwiefelhofer, T. E. Hollmén, and D. D. Hill. 2014. Seasonal movements and distribution of Steller’s Eiders (Polysticta stelleri) wintering at Kodiak Island, Alaska. Arctic 67-3:347–359.
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  • Tessler, D.F., J.A. Johnson, B.A. Andres, S. Thomas, & R.B. Lanctot. 2014. A global assessment of the conservation status of the Black Oystercatcher Haematopus bachmani. International Wader Studies 20: 83–96
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