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Articles Published in Science and Management Journals

This list provides citations for journal and other externally-published articles and theses written by ADF&G Division of Wildlife Conservation staff and others working on ADF&G wildlife research, except Marine Mammals program publications.


  • Cameron, R. D. 1983. Issue: Caribou and petroleum development in Arctic Alaska. Arctic 36(3):227–231.
  • Davis, J. L., P. Valkenburg, and R. D. Boertje. 1983. Demography and limiting factors of Alaska's Delta caribou herd, 1954–1981. Acta Zoologica Fennica 175:135–137.
  • Gasaway, W. C., R. O. Stephenson, J. L. Davis, P. E. K. Shepherd, and O. E. Burris. 1983. Interrelationships of wolves, prey, and man in Interior Alaska. (PDF 1,413 kB) Wildlife Monographs 84.
  • James, D. D. 1983. Seasonal movements, summer food habits, and summer predation rates of wolves in northwest Alaska. Master's thesis, University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • Schwartz, C. C., and A. W. Franzmann. 1983. Effects of tree crushing on black bear predation on moose calves. Pages 40-44 in Bears: Their Biology and Management: A Selection of Papers from the Fifth International Conference on Bear Research and Management, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, February 1980. International Association for Bear Research and Management.
  • Smith, W. T., and R. D. Cameron. 1983. Responses of caribou to industrial development on Alaska's Arctic Slope. Acta Zoologica Fennica 175:43–45.
  • Tankersley, N. G., and W. C. Gasaway. 1983. Mineral lick use by moose in Alaska. Canadian Journal of Zoology 61:2242–2249.
  • Valkenburg, P., J. L. Davis, and R. D. Boertje. 1983. Social organization and seasonal range fidelity of Alaska's Western Arctic caribou — preliminary findings. Acta Zoologica Fennica 175:125–126.
  • Valkenburg, P., R. D. Boertje, and J. L. Davis. 1983. Effects of darting and netting on caribou in Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Management 47:1233–1237.
  • Whitten, K. R., and R. D. Cameron. 1983. Movements of collared caribou, Rangifer tarandus, in relation to petroleum development on the Arctic Slope of Alaska. Canadian Field-Naturalist 97(2):143–146.
  • Whitten, K. R., and R. D. Cameron. 1983. Population dynamics of the Central Arctic herd, 1975–1981. Acta Zoologica Fennnica 175:159–161.
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