Wildlife Professional Publications

Articles Published in Science and Management Journals

This list provides citations for journal and other externally-published articles and theses written by ADF&G Division of Wildlife Conservation staff and others working on ADF&G wildlife research, except Marine Mammals program publications.


  • McGowan, J. D. 1969. Starvation of Alaskan ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse caused by icing. Auk 86:142–143.
  • Rausch, R. A. 1969. A summary of wolf studies in Southcentral Alaska, 1957–1968. Thirty-fourth North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, 2–5 March 1969. Wildlife Management Institute, Wire Building, Washington, D.C.
  • Weeden, R. B. 1969. Foods of rock and willow ptarmigan in central Alaska with comments on interspecific competition. Auk 86:271–281.