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Natural History Guides

A salmon lifecycle poster created and illustrated by Homer middle and high school students during hte KBRR-led Salmon Science Illustration class.

A 10-page guide to common diatom and dinoflagellate genera in Kachemak Bay. Guide includes introduction, photo and description with identification tips for 30 phytoplankton genera.

A 27-page guide of the most common phytoplankton and zooplankton in Kachemak Bay with 80 illustrations and photographs of Kachemak Bay plankton.

A 13-page coloring book highlighting the interesting shapes of marine plankton. Includes an age appropriate introduction to plankton.

This 34-page color guide to common fouling organisms with details and photos for each species. Also included are some non-tunicate species of concern.

This 2-page color guide of 12 native species can be printed on both sides and laminated for use on the water.

This 2-page b/w guide can be printed on both sides and laminated for use on boats. Twelve species are illustrated with tips on indentification.

This guide assists with identification of a potential invasive crab—the European green crab. Three similar-looking native crabs and the European green crab are featured.

A 2-page black and white guide of including 8 common nearshore fish species of Kachemak Bay.

This 2-sided black and white checklist of all the species of mammals in the Kachemak Bay watershed.

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