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Claramarie (Coowe) Walker

Staff picture of Claramarie (Coowe) Walker

Watershed Project Lead
Kachemak Bay Research Reserve
95 Sterling Highway, Suite 2
Homer, AK 99603
(907) 226-4651

I feel very fortunate to work at KBRR, which provides a place-based research center that is a great platform for long-term, innovative studies. To me, science is best done as a team with a suite of complementary skills and talents, and I am happy to add my energies to the mix. What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to be creative; to observe nature, and to follow intriguing clues that nature provides, with research projects that help decipher how our natural world functions.

As the watershed project lead, I’ve nurtured three primary areas of research at KBRR with the goal of unlocking some of the unknowns about freshwater juvenile salmon habitats. Our projects investigate headwater stream rearing habitats, overwintering habitats, and estuarine habitats, all focusing attention on how these habitats are connected with surrounding landscapes. My hope is that we can provide information to people that will help towards living sustainably, giving salmon as much opportunity for resilience as possible.

We are fortunate that our ecosystems here in Alaska have not been subjected to the degree of human degradation that exists in much of the contiguous U.S., yet there is potential for much change- and we have a chance to learn.

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