TM940 Permit Hunt Information
for Regulatory Year 2019

Hunt Details

Hunt Number: TM940
Regulatory Year: 2019
Hunt Type: Tier II
Species: Moose
Legal Animal: One Bull

Number of Permits

Residency Number of Permits
Nonresidents To be announced
Alaska residents 75 permits
Total Number of Permits Available 75 permits

GMU, Area

25D, Western Yukon Flats

Season Dates

Aug. 25, 2019 - Feb. 29, 2020

Residency Restrictions

Alaska residents only

Reporting Requirements

  • Successful Hunters
    • Online, by mail, or in person to Fairbanks ADF&G within 10 days of the kill.
    • Specimens Required: None
  • Unsuccessful Hunters
    Online, by mail, or in person to ADF&G within 15 days of season end.
  • Internet Reporting
    You may report online at

Hunting Conditions

Hunt Area TM940: 25D, Western Yukon Flats - that portion west of a line extending from the GMU 25D boundary on Preacher Creek, then downstream along the west banks of Preacher Creek, Birch Creek and Lower Mouth Birch Creek to the Yukon River, then downstream along the north bank of the Yukon River (including islands) to the confluence of the Hadweenzic River, then upstream along the west bank of the Hadweenzic River to the confluence of Forty and One-Half Mile Creek, then up stream along Forty and One-Half Mile Creek to Nelson Mountain on the GMU 25D boundary.

NOTE: In Unit 25D, Western Yukon Flats, federal public lands within TM940 hunt boundaries are closed to moose hunting except by residents of Beaver, Stevens Village, and Birch Creek. Most of the land in the hunt area is either federal lands or privately owned land; except for navigable waters.

Additional Requirements and Information

  • Only one Tier II moose permit per household.

    Completed hunt reports can also be returned to Community Natural Resource Offices in Beaver, Birch Creek, Stevens Village, or Fort Yukon, to be forwarded to ADF&G, Fairbanks.

Hunt conditions and season dates can be changed by Emergency Order. Visit the Emergency Orders and Announcements page for more information.