Mobile Shooting Sports

Shotgunning/Steel Shot Clinic

This is a two-part clinic with a lecture and a shooting portion. Participants need to attend the lecture portion to take part in the shooting portion. This clinic covers all topics associated with steel shot (ballistic information, performance issues, barrel damage issues, shot selection, how to improve shooting skills, how to minimize wounding loss, patterning, etc.).


Cash or checks payable to Outdoor Heritage Foundation.
The lecture portion is free to all. The shooting portion price is:
$20.00 - Per Person. Minimum age is 11.

Clinic Size

Lecture: The lecture portion can accommodate as many individuals as the facility can.
Range exercise: Up to 12 participants. People need to sign up prior to the clinic and pay in advance to reserve their spot if they want to shoot.

Clinic Time

Typically the clinic is held on a Friday evening from 6pm till 9pm for the lecture portion and Saturday from 9am till 3 PM for the shooting portion OR it is a complete Saturday class held from 9AM-5PM. For the two day course, Friday is an indoor session and for Saturday, students need to dress accordingly to be outside most of the day at the range. If it is a one day class, the morning is dedicated to the indoor classroom portion and the afternoon will be used for the range time.

Whats Included in the Cost

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • All class materials
  • All shotshells (12 or 20 Gauge), clay targets, patterning ammunition/boards/supplies
  • Professional instruction from department personnel
  • Use of program loaner shotgun

What the Students Need to Bring

  • Pencil and note paper
  • Eye and ear protection if they do not wish to use ours (Sat. only)
  • Lunch (Sat. only)
  • Good attitude (both days)
  • Shotgun for saturday (12 or 20 gauge)