Mobile Shooting Sports

Beginning Reloading Clinic for Centerfire rifles

This is a BASIC course designed to teach students the general safety and procedures associated with handloading ammunition. Students will manufacture several rounds and fire the ammunition that they have loaded.


Cash or checks payable to Outdoor Heritage Foundation.
$20.00 - Per Person.

Clinic Size

Up to 8 participants. People need to sign up prior to the clinic and pay in advance to reserve their spot. Minimum age is 10.

Class Time

Typically the class is held during a 1-day course from 9AM till 3PM. It can also be broken up over a two evening period. The first 3-hours are spent covering topics of handloading then manufacturing live rounds. The second half is held on the range where students will fire and chronograph their rounds to gather ballistic information and evaluate performance. Students need to dress accordingly to be outside for the livefire exercise.

Whats Included in the Cost

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • All class materials
  • Use of complete reloading station and equipment.
  • All Bullets, powder, primers and targets (designated caliber from instructor).
  • Chronograph stations.
  • Use of department rifles.

What the Students Need to Bring

  • Pencil and note paper
  • Eye and ear protection if they do not wish to use ours.
  • Lunch (if full day course).
  • Good attitude