Mobile Shooting Sports

Mobile trailer with a mountain in the background The 1998 Alaska State Legislature provided the Department of Fish and Game with capitol project funds to develop and operate an innovative mobile shooting sports program, capable of delivering a variety of programs to rural road system communities.

The mobile shooting sports program consists of a 5th-wheel mobile trailer fully equipped to conduct a wide variety of Hunter Information & Training activities. The mobile shooting sports trailer travels around Alaska. See the current Mobile Shooting Sports Schedule.

The heart of the mobile program is the laser-shot, interactive training system. The laser-shot system allows the program to conduct firearms training or entertainment programs at locations where live-fire is inappropriate, such as the Great Alaska Sportsman’s Show, the Fairbanks Outdoor Show, the Palmer State Fair, and school campuses.

When the “hunter” pulls the trigger of a laser-equipped firearm, the hit is registered on the screen. The vital heart-lung-liver area of the animal is illuminated and the “hunter” can compare their shot placement with the correct vital area.

The mobile system is a great draw whenever and wherever it appears around the state. Each year at the Alaska State Fair and Great Alaska Sportsman Show over 10,000 shooters learn from and enjoy the interactive system.

The Mobile Shooting Sports trailer is also fully equipped with rifles, shotguns, and supporting equipment to conduct clinics in rifle marksmanship, basic reloading, map and compass, shotgun wing-shooting skills, muzzleloading skills, non-toxic shot waterfowl education, bowhunter education, hunter education, and both youth and women’s beginning shooter programs.