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Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery Mitigation Program
Direct Distributions to Commercial Salmon Trollers – 2013 - 2014

This program component provided direct compensation to Southeast Alaska hand and power trollers to help mitigate economic impacts from the reduction in Chinook Salmon harvests in the 2010 and 2011 summer seasons, as well as a further opportunity for trollers eligible for the 2009 season who did not receive a mitigation payment under the previous program.

Approximately $3.4 million was available for the program conducted in 2013.

Part 1: 2011 Direct Pay Recovery Grant –$115,000

Provided an additional direct payment opportunity to power and hand trollers who qualified for the initial direct pay program (2010-2011), yet did not receive the payment.

Part 2: Three-Year Direct Pay Program $3,300.000

Provided direct payments to power and hand trollers based on the summer troll seasons of 2010 and 2011. To be eligible, the applicant had to have caught and sold at least one Chinook salmon during the summer fishing season (July 1-Sept 30) for a qualifying year. The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission used a two-part formula to calculate individual payments for each of the years:

  • Flat Rate Component – 75% distributed to troll permit holders who landed at least one Chinook salmon during the summer fishery, paid at a 3:1 ratio of power to and trollers.
  • Poundage Component – 25% distributed to troll permit holders based on their recorded Chinook salmon landings (calculated in round pounds) during the summer fishery.

Funding for the Southeast Chinook Salmon Mitigation Direct Distributions Grant Program was administered by the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED), with data and logistics assistance provided by the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC). On March 1, 2013, CFEC mailed announcements and application packets with pre-printed Chinook landing information to eligible permit holders in accordance with the official address of record for that permit holder. The deadline for submission of completed, signed applications was May 13, 2013. Payments under this program were made to 230 applicants for the additional 2009 opportunity; 802 applicants for the 2010 season; and 810 applicants for the 2011 season.

An additional Direct Payments program for Chinook landings during the 2012 summer season will be undertaken in the fall of 2013. Pre-printed applications to eligible trollers will be mailed in mid-September, with a due date to return completed, signed applications to DCCED by December 4, 2013. The pre-printed Applications will be mailed to the address of record at CFEC. Blank application forms will be accessible through the DCCED website. There will be up to $1.5 million for this program.

The DCCED contact for information on these grant programs is Lawrence Blood at:
Phone: (907)-465-4751

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