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Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery Mitigation Program
Salmon Fishery Infrastructure – 2010-2011

Funding was approved for a salmon fishery infrastructure grant program administered by the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED), Division of Community and Regional Affairs. A 60 day application period was initiated in October 2010 for proposals under the following categories:

  • Ice-making and storage serving coastal areas
  • Fuel delivery systems
  • Quality improvements for commercial troll caught salmon by
    • Adding value to troll caught product
    • Providing new or improved out-port offloading services
  • Projects providing lasting benefits to the sport Chinook fishery through
    • Increased opportunity to harvest Chinook
    • Improved access to sport fisheries
    • Improved quality of sport-caught product
    • Relieving pressure in congested fishing areas

Fourteen salmon fishery infrastructure projects were selected for funding:

Southeast Alaska Chinook Mitigation Program
2010-2011 Funding for Salmon Fishery Infrastructure Projects
Grantee Project Name Amount
City of Pelican City of Pelican Ice Machine $800,000
City and Borough of Yakutat Yakutat Marine Fuel Line Extension $300,000
City of Craig Craig Public Ice House Upgrades $300,000
Tonka Seafoods, Inc. Tonka Troll Buying Expansion $100,000
Friske, LLC FAS Salmon Glazing Machine $65,983
F/V Ocean Raven Ocean Raven FAS Conversion $38,872
E.C. Phillips & Son, Inc. Equipment Purchases $42,095
Ocean Belle Salmon Ocean Belle Value-Added Salmon $13,300
F/V Equity F/V Equity – Frozen at Sea Chum Project $54,750
Seafood Producers Cooperative Troll Salmon Value Improvement $35,000
City of Coffman Cove Coffman Cove Chinook Float Access $62,164
City of Craig South Cove Harbor Upgrade $50,000
Wooden Wheel Cove Trading Post Fuel Tank additions and off-loading Hoist $150,020
The Cedars Lodge Increased Ice Production $51,065

For more information, please go to DCCED's website for the Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Mitigation Infrastructure Grant Program.

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