Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery Mitigation Program
Salmon Enhancement – 2010-2011

The panel sent solicitations to Southeast Alaska hatchery operators for coho and / or Chinook related enhancement project concepts. Proposals received were reviewed by the panel and funding recommendations provided. The following salmon enhancement related projects were approved for funding:

Southeast Alaska Chinook Mitigation Program
2010-2011 Funding Allocation for Salmon Enhancement Projects
Recipient Project Name Amount
Prince of Wales Hatchery Association Port St. Nicholas Chinook Net Pens $66,336
Port St. Nicholas Hatchery Operations $30,000
Klawock Hatchery Saltwater Coho Net Pens $166,300
Klawock Hatchery Wood Heat System $40,000
Klawock Hatchery Drum Filter System $140,000
Northern Southeast Regional
Aquaculture Association
Increase Deer Lake Coho Production $277,600
Increase Green Lake Coho Production $160,100
Medvejie Net Pen Lighting $37,000
Armstrong-Keta, Inc. Port Armstrong Chinook and Coho Expansion $606,631
Southern Southeast Regional
Aquaculture Association
Crystal Lake Hatchery Heat Exchanger $175,000
Douglas Island Pink and Chum Chinook Rearing Capacity Expansion $500,000

Funding was also allocated to ADF&G for two workshops related to hatchery production of Chinook Salmon. A "round-table" discussion of the issues involved with potential expansion of Southeast Alaska hatchery Chinook production was held in Juneau on Tuesday April 10th, 2012. The meeting involved hatchery operators currently permitted for Chinook production, Chinook Mitigation Stakeholders, ADFG staff, and interested public.

A series of technical workshops have been held to discuss methodologies that may improve estimates of hatchery production from Southeast Alaska Chinook facilities.