Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery Mitigation Program
Direct Compensation to Commercial Salmon Trollers – 2010-2011

A Chinook Salmon Mitigation Direct Distributions Grant Program was established through Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED), with data and logistics assistance provided by the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC). This component provided direct compensation to Southeast Alaska hand and power trollers to help mitigate economic impacts from the reduction in Chinook salmon harvests that was implemented for the 2009 season. Persons who held and/or fished a 2009 Alaska salmon hand troll or power troll permit during the 2009 Chinook salmon summer season (July 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009) were eligible to apply.

In late December 2010, CFEC mailed announcements and application packets to 3,277 permit holders in accordance with the official address of record for that permit holder. A 60-day period was provided for return of completed applications. Ultimately, 1,345 individuals were determined to be eligible for payments. A total of approximately $1,500,000 was distributed based on three tiers of payment qualifications:

  • First tier – Allocated to persons who held a 2009 Alaska salmon hand troll or power troll permit at the time it was renewed. A person who held a 2009 permit renewal, was eligible for a payment of $75 for a hand troll permit or $150 for a power troll permit. There were 595 hand troll permits and 789 power troll permitees who received payments – for a total distribution of $162,975 under this first tier.
  • Second tier – Allocated to individuals who commercially landed (harvested) at least one Chinook salmon as permit holders during the 2009 summer troll season (July 1 through Sept 30). A total of 183 hand trollers who landed Chinook were awarded $225 for a total of $41,175. A total of 645 power trollers who landed Chinook were awarded $675 for a total of $435,375. The total distribution under the second tier was $476,550.
  • Third tier – After the first two tiers were allocated, the remaining $860,475 was allocated to eligible harvesters on a per-pound of Chinook landed basis for landings during the 2009 summer season. The total catch was 1,712,659 “round pounds”. Dividing the amount of funding available by the total weight gave a value of $0.5024205 per pound.