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Where to Hunt Bison

Photo of a successful bison hunter Bison from the Delta herd might be found roaming on private, state, or federal (military) land. Your packet will contain information on local landownership and a map that will help you determine the location and land status where you might see bison on private and state land. The map will not show nearby military lands (Donnelly Training Area) that may also support bison.

Private Lands

Bison on private land are usually found on private farms located north and south of the Alaska Highway in and around Delta Junction. You must obtain permission from landowners before entering their property to hunt. Some landowners do not allow hunting, and others charge access fees for hunting on their land. These restrictions are not dictated by Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations.

No public right-of-way exists along roads in farm land located north of the Alaska Highway. Instead, private property begins at the edge of the drivable surface. Other private property boundaries may be difficult to identify. When hunting on private land, be sure to clarify property boundaries with the landowner.

There are several private bison herds in the Delta Junction area. They are located on Clearwater Road, and on Tracts D, O North, and 1A. All of these private herds are within fenced areas where you will not be given permission to hunt. If you are watching bison inside a fence, be aware that they are most likely not part of the wild Delta herd.

State Lands

The Delta Junction Bison Range is state land open to hunting. Unfortunately, theft and vandalism on the Bison Range have required that we use locked gates to restrict highway vehicles from some fields; however, you may take snow machines and 4-wheelers into the fields for hunting during the bison hunting season (from July 1–September 30, the fields are closed to use of motorized vehicles for any type of hunting). It is unlawful to shoot from a motorized vehicle or to use one to herd, harass, or chase bison, including a fleeing or wounded animal.

Military Lands

Bison can sometimes be found on the Fort Wainwright, Donnelly Training Area East (formerly Fort Greely Military Reservation), particularly later in the hunting season. However, be aware that some parcels of military land are closed to hunting. Military regulations require that hunters have a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) to hunt on military land. For more information about military land or requirements, stop at the Fort Greely Visitor Center located at Richardson Highway Mile 261.1 or call the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources office at (907) 873–1616 or (907) 873-4714.