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Hunt Dates

It is unsafe and impractical for all hunters to start hunting on the same opening day. Therefore, ADF&G staggers hunters’ “beginning-hunt dates” to provide safer conditions for hunters and local private landowners, as well as for the well-being of the bison herd.

The Delta bison hunt will begin on October 1, and the first group of orientation-quiz-certified hunters will be eligible to start at that time. We will activate a new group of about 20 hunters approximately every 7 days until all hunters are eligible to begin hunting. Your beginning-hunt date will be specified in your packet. Provided you pass the Delta Bison Hunter Orientation Quiz, your permit will become effective on the beginning day assigned to you and will remain in effect until the close of the bison hunting season or until you kill a bison, whichever occurs first.

Please note: We assign each hunter’s beginning-hunt date based on the order that hunter was randomly selected during the permit drawing process. To be fair to all permittees, we will not change your beginning-hunt date. Regardless of his or her beginning date, each hunter has more than five months – plenty of opportunity – in which to conduct their hunt.