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Southcentral and Interior Projects

The vast expanses and low population densities in most of the Southcentral and Interior Alaska make it very difficult to get information on wood frogs, bats, and loons and grebes. To get involved you can become a Citizen Scientist and collect information on these unique animals. For more information see the projects below and follow their links.

Where are the Wood Frogs?

Two wood frogs
Photo by JR Hopkins

Wood frogs are the only North American Amphibian found above the Arctic Circle and survive the cold winters by freezing solid. Scientists know very little about where these frogs are found in Alaska. Volunteer Citizen Scientists collect baseline distribution data on wood frogs and their habitat as part of an ongoing monitoring effort aimed at conserving amphibians and wetlands in South-central and interior Alaska. Visit the Alaska Wood Frog Monitoring Program web page for more information.

Bat Monitoring Program

Photo of a little brown bat
Photo by Merlin Tuttle

It is easy to participate in the Alaska Bat Monitoring Program. We know very little about where bats occur in Southcentral or Interior Alaska during the summer, and no one knows what happens to them in winter. Alaska Bat Monitoring Volunteers help to document the presence and locations of bats and their habitats in preparation for future research. Visit the Alaska Bat Monitoring Program web page for more information.

Loon and Grebe Watch

Red-necked grebe
Photo by Sharon Larson

These beautiful and unique waterbirds may already be declining in Southcentral Alaska. Volunteer Citizen Scientists survey lakes in the Anchorage Bowl and Mat-Su Valley for loons and grebes and collect habitat data for a future monitoring strategy. Visit the Alaska Loon and Grebe Watch web site for more information.

The Alaska Citizen Science Program is a partnership of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Chugach National Forest, The Alaska Zoo, and The Alaska Natural Heritage Program.

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