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Welcome to the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBRR) integrates coastal and nearshore research and education at its headquarters in Homer, Alaska. KBRR was designated in 1999 and became part of the National Estuarine Research Reserve system--a national network of 28 estuary-based reserves that participate in long-term monitoring, research, education, and coastal stewardship. The mission of KBRR is to enhance understanding and appreciation of the Kachemak Bay estuary and adjacent waters to ensure that these ecosystems remain healthy and productive.

As an estuary, Kachemak Bay is a protected bay where freshwater streams, glacial meltwater, and tidally driven ocean waters merge. The Reserve’s 372,000 acres offer a unique ecosystem where an abundance of marine plants, birds, fish, and other aquatic organisms thrive.

KBRR staff transfer watershed and coastal science to local communities, coastal decision-makers, and school groups through professional training and education programs. Using this approach, KBRR contributes to the understanding of coastal system responses to natural disturbances within Kachemak Bay.

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Check out the new natural history guides for Kachemak Bay, produced by KBRR marine illustrator, Catie Bursch. These guides highlight Kachemak Bay’s fish, marine mammals, invertebrates, plankton, and much more! Newly released is the Guide to Some Common Fouling Invertebrates of Alaska with a focus on known and potential invasives.

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